(Volume 109, Advances in the Astronautical Sciences,
Astrodynamics 2001),




Part I


Invariant Manifolds, the Spatial Three-Body Problem and Space Mission Design (AAS 01-301), G. Gómez, W. S. Koon, M. W. Lo, J. E. Marsden, J. Masdemont and S. D. Ross    3

Characterizing the Orbit Uncertainty Dynamics Along an Unstable Orbit (AAS 01-302), Daniel J. Scheeres    23

Continuation of Periodic Orbits Around Lagrange Points and AUTO2000 (AAS 01-303), R. C. Paffenroth, E. J. Doedel and D. J. Dichmann    41

Simulation of Formation Flight Near Lagrange Points for the TPF Mission (AAS 01-305), Gerard Gómez, Martin Lo, Josep Masdemont and Ken Museth    61

Summer Launch Options for the Genesis Mission (AAS 01-306), B. T. Barden, R. S. Wilson, K. C. Howell and B. G. Marchand    77

The Role of Humans in Libration Point Missions With Specific Application to an Earth-Moon Libration Point Gateway Station (AAS 01-307), Gerald L. Condon and Don J. Pearson    95


Estimation of Inertia Parameters for Gyrostats Subject to Gravity-Gradient Torques (AAS 01-308), Mason A. Peck    113

Attitude Representations for Kalman Filtering (AAS 01-309), F. Landis Markley    133

Spacecraft Attitude Determination Using the Bortz Equation (AAS 01-310), Mark E. Pittelkau    153

Design and Implementation of a Nanosatellite Attitude Determination and Control System (AAS 01-311), Kristin L. Makovec, Andrew J. Turner and Christopher D. Hall    167

Star Tracker Relative Alignment Calibration and its Application on Absolute Pointing Determination (AAS 01-312), Sungkoo Bae and Bob E. Schutz    187

Calibration of the Skewed AQUA Satellite Gyros (AAS 01-313), Richard R. Harman, Itzhack Y. Bar-Itzhack and F. Landis Markley    199

Post-Flight Attitude Reconstruction for the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (AAS 01-314), Edward Wong, William Breckenridge, Dhemetrios Boussalis, Paul Brugarolas, David S. Bayard, John Spanos and Gurkirpal Singh    213


Mathematical Derivations of the "e-i" and Halo GEO Collocation Methods (AAS 01-316), C. C. Chao    239

EUTELSAT Satellite Collocation (AAS 01-317), Lindsay Pattinson and Vladimir Chechik    255

Collocation Study for a GEO Satellite and an Inclined GSO Satellite (AAS 01-318), Joseph Chan, Kidambi Raman, Chia-Chun Chao and Glenn Peterson    273

Geosynchronous Satellite Collocation at Space Systems/Loral (AAS 01-319), Birgit Sauer and Mathew Chow    283

GPS-Based Navigation of Satellite Formations (AAS 01-320), Michael D. Menn, Glenn E. Peterson and Chia-Chun Chao    295

Risk Management of Unintentionally Collocated Geosynchronous Spacecraft (AAS 01-321), Robert G. Gist and Daniel L. Oltrogge    307

Collision Risk Mitigation in Geostationary Orbit (AAS 01-322), L. Anselmo and C. Pardini    329


Lyapunov and Halo Orbits About L2 (AAS 01-324), Mischa Kim and Christopher D. Hall    349

Regularization of the Restricted Elliptic Three-Body Problem in the Sun-Earth L1-Centered Rotating System (AAS 01-325), Jean Albert Kechichian    367

On the Detection of Energetically Efficient Trajectories for Spacecraft (AAS 01-326), Michael Dellnitz, Oliver Junge, Martin Lo and Bianca Thiere    389

Trajectory Sensitivities for Sun-Mars Libration Point Missions (AAS 01-327), John P. Carrico, Jon D. Strizzi, Joshua M. Kutrieb and Paul E. Damphousse    399

Dynamics of a Tethered System Near the Earth-Moon Lagrangian Points (AAS 01-328), A. K. Misra, J. Bellerose and V. J. Modi    415

A Non-Linear Approach to Spacecraft Formation Control in the Vicinity of a Collinear Libration Point (AAS 01-330), Richard J. Luquette and Robert M. Sanner    437

Monte-Carlo Maneuver Analysis for the Microwave Anisotropy Probe (AAS 01-331), Troy Goodson    447


STAR Accelerometer Data Processing and Results: Part I (AAS 01-332), Richard Biancale, Felix Perosanz, Jean-Michel Lemoine, Michel Sarailh, Sean Bruinsma and Sylvain Loyer    467

STAR Accelerometer Data Processing and Results: Part II (AAS 01-333), Sean Bruinsma and Richard Biancale    479

CHAMP Precision Orbit Determination (AAS 01-334), H. Rim, Z. Kang, P. Nagel, S. Yoon, S. Bettadpur, B. Schutz
and B. Tapley    493

Radiation Force Modeling for ICESat Precision Orbit Determination (AAS 01-335), Charles E. Webb, Hyung-Jin Rim and Bob E. Schutz    501

Iterative Filtering of Antenna Pointing Angles for Orbit Determination (AAS 01-336), F. Curti and F. Longo    519

Measurement Bias Effects on Satellite Orbit Estimation and Prediction (AAS 01-337), Felix R. Hoots    529

Parallel Least Squares Methods for Multisatellite Orbit Determination (AAS 01-338), Peter Nagel and Bob E. Schutz    545


Initial Deployment and Near Optimal Control for Maintaining Constant Distance Between Satellites in an Elliptically Orbiting Constellation (AAS 01-341), Zhaozhi Tan and Peter M. Bainum    555

Trajectory Estimation for Satellite Clusters (AAS 01-342), Ralph E. Bordner and William E. Wiesel    575

A Study of Linear Versus Nonlinear Control Techniques for the Reconfiguration of Satellite Formations (AAS 01-343), David J. Irvin and David R. Jacques    589

Zonal Coverage Optimization of Satellite Constellations With an Extended Satellite Triplet Method (AAS 01-344), F. Dufour    609

A Parametric Examination of Satellite Constellations to Minimize Revisit Time for Low Earth Orbits Using a Genetic Algorithm (AAS 01-345), Thomas J. Lang    625

Multi-Objective Optimization Approach Applied to Station Keeping of Satellite Constellations (AAS 01-346), Evandro Marconi Rocco, Marcelo Lopes de Oliveira e Souza, Antonio Fernando Bertachini de Almeida Prado    641


STS-99 Shuttle Radar Topography Mission Stability and Control (AAS 01-347), Jennifer L. Hamelin, Mark C. Jackson, Christopher B. Kirchwey, Roberto A. Pileggi and Lester L. Sackett    659

STS-99 Shuttle Radar Topography Mission Dynamics and Control Ė Mission Overview (AAS 01-348), Lester L. Sackett, Jennifer L. Hamelin, Ray D. Barrington and Douglas J. Zimpfer    679

Orbit Dynamics for Re-supplying Space Station Using a Modest-Cost Space Tugboat (AAS 01-349), Andrew E. Turner    699

Orbit Dynamics for Cost-Effective Spacecraft Dependent on Frequent Non-Intrusive Servicing (AAS 01-350), Andrew E. Turner    711

Orbital Design for HypSEO Mission (AAS 01-351), Alberto Foni, Marino Crisconio and Vittorio De Cosmo    729

Design and System Identification of a Nanosatellite Structure (AAS 01-352), Craig L. Stevens, Jana L. Schwartz and Christopher D. Hall    737

Near-Earth Solar Sail Navigation: Preliminary Results (AAS 01-353), Edward J. Christensen, Bobby G. Williams and Rodica Ionasescu    755


Reduction of the Error Volume for RSO Collision Predictions by the Application of Atmospheric Drag Force Information (AAS 01-356), Stephen H. Knowles    767

Determining if Two Ellipsoids Share the Same Volume (AAS 01-357), Salvatore Alfano and Meredith L. Greer    771

A Simple Mathematical Approach for Determining Intersection of Quadratic Surfaces (AAS 01-358), Ken Chan    785

Maneuver Optimization for Collision Risk Minimization (AAS 01-359), Russell P. Patera and Glenn E. Peterson    803

Modernizing the Naval Space Surveillance System - Part 1 (AAS 01-360), Michael F. Zedd and Edward J. Najmy    817

Results of Naval Space Surveillance System Calibration Using Satellite Laser Ranging (AAS 01-361), John H. Seago, Mark A. Davis, Anne E. Reed, Edward D. Lydick and Paul W. Schumacher, Jr.    837

Part II

CONTROL    857

On Reducing Minimum Time for Small Angle Slewing of a Flexible Body (AAS 01-363), Arun K. Banerjee    859

Trajectory Tracking Control of a Multimodule Deployable Manipulator: Analyses and Experiments (AAS 01-364), Y. Cao, V .J. Modi, C. W. de Silva and A. K. Misra    867

Nonlinear Optimal Control in Space Satellite Application (AAS 01-366), Andrew An, Kailwen Xu, Hironori A. Fujii, Tairo Kusagaya, Hirohisa Kojima and Masatake Iwasaki    887

A Spacecraft Simulator for Research and Education (AAS 01-367), ByungMoon Kim, Efstathios Velenis, Patrick Kriengsiri and Panagiotis Tsiotras    897

Generating Deflection-Limiting Commands in the Digital Domain (AAS 01-368), Michael Robertson and William Singhose    915

Approaches to Matched Basis Function Repetitive Control (AAS 01-369), H.-J. Chen, R. W. Longman and B. N. Agrawal    931


NEAR Shoemaker at Eros: Rendezvous, Orbital Operations, and a Soft Landing (AAS 01-370), Robert W. Farquhar, David W. Dunham and James V. McAdams    953

Navigation for NEAR Shoemaker: The First Spacecraft to Orbit an Asteroid (AAS 01-371), B. G. Williams, P. G. Antreasian, J. J. Bordi, E. Carranza, S. R. Chesley, C. E. Helfrich, J. K. Miller, W. M. Owen and T. C. Wang    973

The Design and Navigation of the NEAR Shoemaker Landing on Eros (AAS 01-372), P. G. Antreasian, S. R. Chesley, J. K. Miller, J. J. Bordi and B. G. Williams    989

The Orbital Dynamics Environment of 433 Eros (AAS 01-373), D. J. Scheeres, J. K. Miller and D. K. Yeomans    1017

Modeling and Performance of NEARís G&C System During the Eros Orbital Phase and Controlled Descent (AAS 01-374), Gene A. Heyler, J. Courtney Ray, Ann Harch and Brian Carcich    1039

433 Eros Orbital Mission Operations: Implementing the First Orbital Operation Around a Small Body (AAS 01-375), Mark E. Holdridge, Robert L. Nelson and Karl E. Whittenburg    1057

NEAR Optical Navigation At Eros (AAS 01-376), W. M. Owen, Jr., T. C. Wang, A. Harch, M. Bell and C. Peterson    1075


Command Generation for Flexible Spacecraft Maneuvers Using Single Gimbal Control Moment Gyroscopes (AAS 01-377), Giulio Avanzini and Guido de Matteis    1091

Stable Relative Equilibria of a Dissipative Controller for Gyrostat Attitude (AAS 01-378), Mason A. Peck    1105

Spacecraft Adaptive Attitude Control and Power Tracking With Single-Gimballed VSCMGs and Wheel Speed Equalization (AAS 01-379), Hyungjoo Yoon and Panagiotis Tsiotras    1121

Momentum Management for the MESSENGER Mission (AAS 01-380), Robin M. Vaughan, David R. Haley, Hongxing S. Shapiro and Daniel J. OíShaughnessy    1139

Attitude Determination Using Windowed Quaternion Estimator (AAS 01-381), Injung Kim, Jinho Kim, Choonbae Park and Seungwu Rhee    1159

Targeting of Precession Maneuver With Active Nutation Control (AAS 01-382), Sergei Tanygin    1171

Optimal Nonlinear Spacecraft Attitude Control Through Hamilton-Jacobi Formulation (AAS 01-383), Ashish Tewari    1191

Time-Optimal Reorientation of Asymmetric Rigid Bodies (AAS 01-384), Ronald J. Proulx and I. Michael Ross    1207


Aerobraking Automation Options (AAS 01-385), Daniel T. Lyons    1231

A Proposed Use of Accelerometer Data for Autonomous Aerobraking at Mars (AAS 01-386), Moriba Jah    1247

Approaches to Autonomous Aerobraking at Mars (AAS 01-387), J. L. Hanna and R. H. Tolson    1257

Attitude Control During Autonomous Aerobraking for Near-Term Mars Exploration (AAS 01-388), Wyatt R. Johnson, James M. Longuski and Daniel T. Lyons    1273

Development of a Monte Carlo Mars-Gram Model for Mars 2001 Aerobraking Simulations (AAS 01-389), Alicia M. Dwyer, Robert H. Tolson, Michelle M. Munk and Paul V. Tartabini    1293

Optimizing Mass Delivered to the Mars Mapping Orbit Using Aerobraking for the 2005 Launch Opportunity (AAS 01-390), Rodney L. Anderson and Daniel T. Lyons    1309

2001 Mars Odyssey Mission Design (AAS 01-391), David A. Spencer, Julia L. Bell, Guy Beutelschies, Robert A. Mase and John C. Smith    1329

Strategies for On-Orbit Rendezvous Circling Mars (AAS 01-392), Pierre Labourdette and Andrei A. Baranov    1351


Parameterizations of Solar EUV Irradiance Variations for Use in Upper Atmosphere Density Models (AAS 01-393), J. L. Lean, J. M. Picone, J. T. Mariska, H. P. Warren, S. Knowles, J. Bishop and R. R. Meier    1371

NRLMSISE-00 Empirical Atmospheric Model: Comparisons to Data and Standard Models (AAS 01-394), J. M. Picone, A. E. Hedin, D. P. Drob and J. Lean    1385

Atmospheric Density Model Errors and Variations in the Ballistic Coefficient (AAS 01-395), James G. Miller    1399

Modeling and Simulation Tool for the High Accuracy Satellite Drag Model (AAS 01-396), Mark F. Storz    1407

Applying New and Improved Atmospheric Density Determination Techniques to Resident Space Object Position Prediction (AAS 01-398), S. H. Knowles, J. M. Picone, S. E. Thonnard, A. C. Nicholas, K. F. Dymond and S. L. Coffey    1429

On the Mechanism of Atmospheric Drag Perturbations (AAS 01-399), Roger A. Broucke and Johannes M. Hacker    1437

A Perspective on Neutral Density Progress (AAS 01-400), Frank A. Marcos and Felix R. Hoots    1453

Atmospheric Density Correction Using Space Catalog Data (AAS 01-481), Sarah E. Bergstrom, Ronald J. Proulx, Paul J. Cefola, Andrey I. Nazarenko and Vasiliy S. Yurasov    1467

TETHERS    1483

Orbit Determination of Tethered Satellites: A Conventional Versus Neural Network-Based Paradigm (AAS 01-401), T. A. Lovell, J. E. Cochran, Jr. and D. A. Cicci    1485

Planar Attitude Dynamics of the End-Bodies of a Tethered Satellite System During Spin-up (AAS 01-402), Andre P. Mazzoleni and John H. Hoffman    1505

Attitude Determination of a Tether by Means of Simple Sensors (AAS 01-403), Maurizio Parisse and Fabio Curti    1525

Pointing Dynamics of Tether-Controlled Formation Flying for Space Interferometry (AAS 01-404), Claudio Bombardelli, Enrico C. Lorenzini and Marco B. Quadrelli    1539

Modal Analysis of the Stability of Periodic Solutions in Electrodynamic Tethers (AAS 01-405), Manuel Ruiz, Oscar López-Rebollal, Enrico C. Lorenzini and Jesús Peláez    1553

Control of Tether System by Using Transverse Motion of Tether (AAS 01-406), Hironori A. Fujii, Takaaki Fujiki, Takeo Watanabe, Wataru Taira, Tomohiko Murase and Pavel Trivailo    1571

Experimental Analysis of Deployment/Retrieval of Tether System Using Balloon Technique (AAS 01-407), Hironori A. Fujii, Wataru Taira, Takeo Watanabe, Tomohiko Murase, Tairo Kusagaya and Pavel Trivailo    1581

Dynamics and Control of a Tethered Space Robot With Tension (AAS 01-408), Shinji Hokamoto, Naoki Imamura and V. J. Modi    1587


Explanation and History of the New Solar Cycle/Atmospheric Model Used in Mars Planetary Protection Analysis (AAS 01-409), Mark A. Vincent    1599

Mars Global Surveyor:  Mapping Orbit Evolution and Control Throughout One Mars Year (AAS 01-410), Pasquale Esposito, Eric Graat, Stuart Demcak, Darren Baird and Vijay Alwar    1615

Mars Global Surveyor Orbit Determination Uncertainties Using High Resolution Mars Gravity Models (AAS 01-411), Eric Carranza, Dah-Ning Yuan and Alex Konopliv    1633

Improving Mars Approach Navigation Using Optical Data (AAS 01-412), Brian Rush, Shyam Bhaskaran and Stephen P. Synnott    1651

Rendezvous Options and Dynamics for Mars Sample Return Mission (AAS 01-415), C. Ocampo, J. Guinn and J. Breeden    1661

Part III


Relative Equilibria of a Gyrostat With a Discrete Damper (AAS 01-417), Ralph A. Sandfry and Christopher D. Hall    1683

Attitude Dynamics and Control of Bifocal Relay Mirror Spacecraft (AAS 01-418), Brij N. Agrawal and Chris Senenko    1703

Multiple Target Selection and Obstacle Avoidance Using Potential Function Guidance Method (AAS 01-419), Gianmarco Radice and Colin R. McInnes    1721

Autonomous Navigation and Guidance On-Board Earth-Observation Mini-Satellites (AAS 01-421), Jean de Lafontaine, Pierrik Vuilleumier and Pieter Van den Braembussche    1733

Automated Landmark Identification for Spacecraft Navigation (AAS 01-422), Robert W. Gaskell    1749

Applications of Drag-Free Technology to Precision Satellite Navigation (AAS 01-423), R. S. Nerem, J. C. Ries, P. Bender, B. Thompson, P. Axelrad, J. Labrecque and M. Gabor    1757

TOPEX/Poseidon and Jason-1 Coordinated Navigation (AAS 01-424), Ahmed Salama, Abraham Soroosh, Tomas Martin-Mur and Ephrem Paredes    1769


Accelerated Stumpff Function Evaluations Associated With Universal Keplerís Equation Solutions (AAS 01-425), Daniel R. Adamo    1785

Implementation of Gauss-Jackson Integration for Orbit Propagation (AAS 01-426), Matthew Berry and Liam Healy    1805

Visual Demonstration of the Inability of an Analytical Orbit Propagator to Predict Atmospheric Variability (AAS 01-427), Edward Lydick II    1825

Efficient Numerical Integration of Coupled Orbit and Attitude Trajectories Using an Encke Type Correction Algorithm (AAS 01-428), James Woodburn and Sergei Tanygin    1837

A Summary of the AIAA Astrodynamic Standards Effort (AAS 01-429), David A. Vallado    1849

A Curiously Outlandish Problem in Orbital Mechanics (AAS 01-430), I. Michael Ross, Hui Yan and Fariba Fahroo    1873

A Comparison of Latitude Targeting Schemes for Maintaining Ground Track at High Latitudes (AAS 01-431), Peter Demarest    1885

Space Mechanics Tools: Rethinking Flight Dynamics Tools With Open Source Software (AAS 01-433), Vincent Martinot and Sébastien Herbinière    1903


Investigation on the Use of Altimeter Crossovers for the NEAR Navigation (AAS 01-434), Frédéric. J. Pelletier, R. Steven Nerem, John J. Bordi, James K. Miller and Bobby G. Williams    1915

On the History of the Slingshot Effect and Cometary Orbits (AAS 01-435), Roger A. Broucke    1927

A Study of the Close Approach Between a Planet and a Cloud of Particles (AAS 01-436), Antonio Fernando Bertachini de Almeida Prado    1941

Methods for the Design of V-Infinity Leveraging Maneuvers (AAS 01-437), Nathan J. Strange and Jon A. Sims    1959

Variable Specific Impulse Interplanetary Trajectory Design and Optimization (AAS 01-438), Roald Sagdeev, Konstantinos Karavasilis, Brian Ross, Franklin Chang-Diaz and David Jorjoliani    1977

Watch Out, Itís Hot!  Earth Capture and Escape Spirals Using Solar Electric Propulsion (AAS 01-439), Theodore H. Sweetser, Michael J. Cherng, Paul A. Penzo and Paul A. Finlayson    1989


Lyapunov Functions for Elliptic Orbit Transfer (AAS 01-441), Dong Eui Chang, David F. Chichka and Jerrold E. Marsden    2005

Trajectory Optimization With Dual Thrust Limited Propulsion Systems (AAS 01-443), C. Ocampo    2015

AMMO:  An Automated Multiple Maneuver Optimization System (AAS 01-444), Christopher L. Potts, John R. Michel and Behzad Raofi    2033

A New Collocation-Based Method for Solving Pursuit/Evasion (Differential Games) Problems (AAS 01-445), B. A. Conway and K. Horie    2047

A New Scheme for Trajectory Propagation (AAS 01-446), Beny Neta and Yoram Lipowski    2067

Algebraic Analysis of Nonimpulsive Orbital Transfers Under Thrust Errors, 1 (AAS 01-447), Antônio Delson Conceição de Jesus, Marcelo Lopes de Oliveira e Souza and Antônio Fernando Bertachini de Almeida Prado    2077


Follow That Satellite: EO-1 Maneuvers into Close Formation With Landsat-7 (AAS 01-450), Robert L. DeFazzio, Skip Owens and Susan Good    2095

A Decentralized Kalman Filter and Smoother for Formation Flying Control of the Earth Observing-1 (EO-1) Satellite (AAS 01-453), Jeffrey A. Dibble and Mark Nicholson    2115

The Role of Short-Periodic Motion in Formation Flying of Satellites With Large Differential Area to Mass Ratio (AAS 01-454), Ronald Proulx, Paul Cefola and Kim Luu    2127

Relative Formation Keeping of LEO Satellites Subject to Small Drag Differences (AAS 01-455), David Mishne    2149

Modeling Relative Position, Relative Velocity, and Range Rate for Formation Flying (AAS 01-457), Craig A. McLaughlin, Chris Sabol, Aaron Swank, Richard D. Burns and K. Kim Luu    2165


Improvements in Trajectory Optimization for MESSENGER:  The First Mercury Orbiter Mission (AAS 01-458), James V. McAdams, Robert W. Farquhar and Chen-wan L. Yen    2189

Combining Low-Thrust and Gravity Assist Manoeuvres to Reach Planet Mercury (AAS 01-459), Massimiliano Vasile and Franco Bernelli-Zazzera    2205

Orbit Synthesis of the ISAS Venus Climate Orbiter Mission (AAS 01-460), Hiroshi Yamakawa and Masafumi Kimura    2225

Automated Detection of Potentially Hazardous Near-Earth Encounters (AAS 01-461), Paul W. Chodas, Steven R. Chesley, Alan B. Chamberlin and Donald K. Yeomans    2239

Reducing the Earth Entry Velocity for a Comet Nucleus Sample Return Mission (AAS 01-462), Jon A. Sims    2255

Tour Design Strategies for the Europa Orbiter Mission (AAS 01-463), Masataka Okutsu, Theresa J. Debban and James M. Longuski    2269

The Feasibility of a Galileo-Style Tour of the Uranian Satellites (AAS 01-464), Andrew F. Heaton and James M. Longuski    2285

Advanced Propulsion Options for Missions to the Kuiper Belt (AAS 01-465), Theodore H. Sweetser and Carl G. Sauer    2297


A Hybrid Trajectory Optimization Technique for the Mars Sample Return Mission (AAS 01-466), S. R. Vadali, K. Aroonwilairut and E. Braden    2309

A Shape-Based Algorithm for the Automated Design of Low-Thrust, Gravity-Assist Trajectories (AAS 01-467), Anastassios E. Petropoulos and James M. Longuski    2321

An Approach to Design and Optimization of Low-Thrust Trajectories With Gravity Assists (AAS 01-468), T. Troy McConaghy, Theresa J. Debban, Anastassios E. Petropoulos and James M. Longuski    2337

Optimal Control Law for Interplanetary Trajectories With Solar Sail (AAS 01-469), Guido Colasurdo and Lorenzo Casalino    2357

Solar Sail Hybrid Trajectory Optimization (AAS 01-470), Gareth W. Hughes and Colin R. McInnes    2369

Optimal Trajectories for Non-Ideal Solar Sails (AAS 01-471), Timothy Cichan and Robert G. Melton    2381

Analytic Control Laws for Near-Optimal Geocentric Solar Sail Transfers (AAS 01-472), Malcolm Macdonald and Colin R. McInnes    2393


Maintaining Periodic Trajectories With the First-Order Nonlinear Hillís Equations (AAS 01-473), Jason W. Mitchell and David L. Richardson    2415

Second-Order Relative Motion Equations (AAS 01-474), Christopher D. Karlgaard and Frederick H. Lutze    2429

Drift Attenuation Maneuvers and Other Relative Motion Analyses for the GRACE Mission (AAS 01-475), Ryan P. Russell and Wallace T. Fowler    2449

Relative Motion Estimation for Clustered Geostationary Satellites With Very Different Area-to-Mass Ratios Through the Euler-Hill Equations (AAS 01-476), S. Carlini and C. Pastor    2469

Optimal Orbital Rendezvous Using Genetic Algorithms (AAS 01-477), Young Ha Kim and David B. Spencer    2479

Optimal Finite Thrust Rendezvous Using Beneficial Effects of the Earth Oblateness (AAS 01-478), Sihem Tebbani, Isabelle Queinnec and Jacques Bernussou    2497

Autonomous Orbital Rendezvous Using Angles-Only Navigation (AAS 01-479), R. J. Chari, D. K. Geller, H. L. Norris, C. N. DSouza and T. J. Brand    2509


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