(Volume 99, Advances in the Astronautical Sciences,
Spaceflight Mechanics 1998)




Part I


Mission Analysis of a Tethered System for LEO to GEO Orbital Transfers (AAS 98-100), E. C. Lorenzini, M. L. Cosmo, M. Kaiser, M. Bangham, H. Dionne, D. Vonderwell and L. Johnson 3

Identification and Orbit Determination of Tethered Satellite System, (AAS 98-101), S. Cho, J. E. Cochran, Jr. and D. A. Cicci 21

Orbit Determination of a Tethered Satellite System Using Laser and Radar Tracking (AAS 98-102), S. R. Vadali, H. Jung and K. T. Alfriend 35

Reorientation of a Platform Supporting Tethered Satellite System, (AAS 98-103), G. Gilardi, V. J. Modi, S. Kalantzis and A. K. Misra 49

Analysis and Design of the Aerobraking Tether for Stochastic Errors, (AAS 98-104), Steven G. Tragesser and James M. Longuski 71

On the Deployment of an Electrodynamic Tether From an Elliptical Orbit (AAS 98-105), M. Ruiz and J. Peláez 91


Description of Three Candidate Cassini Satellite Tours (AAS 98-106), John C. Smith 109

Incorporating Icy Satellite Flybys in the Cassini Orbital Tour (AAS 98-107), Aron A. Wolf 141

Navigation Feasibility Studies for the Europa Orbiter Mission (AAS 98-108), M. D. Guman, D. C. Roth and B. G. Williams 161

Mars Aerocapture Studies for the Design Reference Mission (AAS 98-110), James Evans Lyne, Paul Wercinski, Gerald Walberg and Roman Jits 175

Non-Typical Trajectory Alternatives for Mars Cargo Missions (AAS 98-111), Brian M. Portock, James Evans Lyne and Gary A. Flandro 187

Mars Global Surveyor Aerobraking at Mars (AAS 98-112), M. D. Johnston, P. B. Esposito, V. Alwar, S. W. Demcak, E. J. Graat and R. A. Mase 205


Demonstration of a Special-Perturbations-Based Catalog in the Naval Space Command System (AAS 98-113), Shannon L. Coffey, Harold L. Neal, Cynthia L. Visel and Pete Conolly 227

Object Oriented Ephemeris Generation in a Distributed Computing Environment With Java (AAS 98-114), John G. Kasalo 249

Single Track Covariance for Space Surveillance Network Sensors, (AAS 98-115), Kyle T. Alfriend, Felix R. Hoots, Robert A. Glover and Richard G. France 267

Design for Operational Calibration of the Naval Space Surveillance System (AAS 98-116), Paul W. Schumacher, Jr., G. Charmaine Gilbreath, Edward D. Lydick, Mark A. Davis, John H. Seago and Stephen G. Walters 279

Estimation of Radar Orientation, Location and Other Calibration Parameters Using Regularized Residuals (AAS 98-117), Mark F. Storz 297

Analysis of the Telstar-401/GOES-10 Close Approach Using the Raven Telescope (AAS 98-118), Chris Sabol, Richard Burns and Scott Wallace 317


Bridging Learning Control and Repetitive Control Using Basis Functions (AAS 98-119), Hao-Ping Wen, Minh Q. Phan and Richard W. Longman 335

Implementing Time Optimal Robot Maneuvers Using Realistic Actuator Constraints and Learning Control (AAS 98-120), Ju Li, Richard W. Longman, Volker H. Schulz and Hans Georg Bock 355

Structured Model Reference Adaptive Control in the Presence of Bounded Disturbances (AAS 98-121), Maruthi R. Akella and John L. Junkins 375

Integration of Comet Centroiding, Attitude Disturbance Rejection and Steering Mirror Control for the STARDUST Mission (AAS 98-123), Laura A. Sachi, Philip G. Good and Shyam Bhaskaran 387

The High Accuracy Digital Servo Control and Data Processing System of the Antenna Platform in the Satellite Orbit Simulation Laboratory (AAS 98-124), Yan Jie 403


Harmonic Oscillator Solutions to Linearizable Perturbations of Two-Body Problems (AAS 98-126), Ignacio Aparicio and Luis Floría 409

An Analytical Theory for Tesseral Harmonic Perturbations (AAS 98-127), A. M. Segerman and S. L. Coffey 429

Satellite Constellation Design for Zonal Coverage Using Genetic Algorithms (AAS 98-128), T. A. Ely, W. A. Crossley and E. A. Williams 443

An Algorithm for Simulation of Motions of ‘Variable Mass’ Systems (AAS 98-129), Shlomo Djerassi 461

Searching for Repeating Ground Track Orbits: A Systematic Approach (AAS 98-130), Martín Lara 475

Non-Integrability and Chaos In Satellite Orbital Dynamics (AAS 98-131), M. E. Sansaturio, I. Vigo-Aguiar and J. M. Ferrándiz 487


Exact Analytical Solution to a Three-Dimensional Interception of a Maneuvering Target (AAS 98-132), Nguyen X. Vinh, Pierre T. Kabamba and Tetsuya Takehira 503

Determination of Close Approaches for Earth-Fixed Launch Trajectories (AAS 98-134), James Woodburn 523

Human Mars Exploration:  Student-Designed Missions and the Current NASA Reference Mission (AAS 98-135), Calina C. Seybold and Wallace T. Fowler 537

Low Energy Interplanetary Transfers Using the Invariant Manifolds of L1, L2, and Halo Orbits (AAS 98-136), Martin W. Lo and Shane D. Ross 551

Challenges Posed By Hyper-Light Trajectories (AAS 98-138) Abstract, Paul A. Murad 563


Attitude Control Issues Associated With Flexible and Loosely Connected Appendages (AAS 98-139), Sergei Tanygin and Trevor Williams 567

Feedback Control Law for Variable Speed Control Moment Gyros (AAS 98-140), Hanspeter Schaub, Srinivas R. Vadali and John L. Junkins 581

Optimal Design of a Passive Coning Attenuator for Spinning Spacecraft Under Thrust (AAS 98-141), Dominic M. Halsmer and Amy R. Fetter 601

STARDUST TCM and Despin in the Presence of Complex Fuel Dynamics (AAS 98-142), Philip G. Good, Anita Carpenter, Howard Flanders and Tom Gardner 611

An Analysis of Shuttle-Based Performance of MEMS Sensors (AAS 98-143), Robert H. Smith 629


Navigation Flight Operations for Mars Pathfinder (AAS 98-145), Robin M. Vaughan, Pieter H. Kallemeyn, Jr., David A. Spencer and Robert D. Braun 643

Mars Pathfinder Atmospheric Entry Reconstruction (AAS 98-146), David A. Spencer, Robert C. Blanchard, Sam W. Thurman, Robert D. Braun, Chia-Yen Peng and Pieter H. Kallemeyn, Jr. 663

Entry Trajectory Dispersions Due to Uncertainties in the Mars Atmosphere (AAS 98-147), Glenn E. Peterson and Robert H. Bishop 693

Minimum-Fuel Escape From Two-Body Earth-Sun System (AAS 98-148), Guido Colasurdo, Lorenzo Casalino and Elena Fantino 709

Launch Period Analysis for the Jupiter Gravity Assist Opportunities to Pluto (AAS 98-149), Michelle D. Reyes, Steven E. Matousek and I. Michael Ross 723


The International Celestial Reference System (AAS 98-151), P. K. Seidelmann 739

The New Star Catalogs (AAS 98-152), P. K. Seidelmann and Thomas Corbin 747

The 488,006,860 Stars in the USNO-A1.0 Catalog (AAS 98-153), David G. Monet 759

Fizeau Astrometric Mapping Explorer (FAME) Satellite (AAS 98-154), P. Kenneth Seidelmann, Kenneth J. Johnston, Marvin Germain, David G. Monet, Marc Murison, Sean Urban, Nick Davinic, Lee J. Rickard, Kurt Weiler, Michael Shao, Arthur Vaughan, James Fanson, David Norris, John Bahcall, Christian DeVegt, George Gatewood, Andrew Gould, William Jefferys, Barry Lasker, Masanori Miyamoto, Alan Sandage, William Van Altena, and Don York 763

An Analysis of the Behavior of the J2000 Reduction Matrices (AAS 98-155), David A. Vallado 783

Part II



Topex/Poseidon “Quick-Look” Precision Orbit Determination Improvement and Performance (AAS 98-156), A. H. Salama and B. M. Kennedy 805

Nonlinear Adaptive State Estimator Approach to Attitude and Orbit Determination Using Only a Magnetometer (AAS 98-157), Fabio Curti 815

Wavelets, Smoothers, and Filters-Application to Satellite Attitude Determination Problems (AAS 98-158), Donald L. Mackison 831

Toward the Most Accurate Attitude Determination System Using Star Trackers (AAS 98-159), D. Mortari, T. C. Pollock and J. L. Junkins 839

Application of Average Contamination Sources for the Prediction of Space Debris Environment (AAS 98-161), Andrey I. Nazarenko 851


Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Optimal Control Problems With Scalar Terminal Constraint (AAS 98-163), Jang-Won Jo and John E. Prussing 865

Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Optimal Control Problems With Multiple Terminal Constraints (AAS 98-164), Jang-Won Jo and John E. Prussing 883

Optimization of Solar-Perturbed Double Lunar Swingby Escape Trajectories (AAS 98-165), Christopher R. Cassell 907

Application of Optimal Periodic Control Theory to the Orbit Reboost Problem (AAS 98-166), Karl E. Jensen, Fariba Fahroo and I. Michael Ross 935


Station-Keeping Strategies for Translunar Libration Point Orbits (AAS 98-168), G. Gómez, K. C. Howell, J. Masdemont and C. Simó 949

Formation Flying in the Vicinity of Libration Point Orbits (AAS 98-169), B. T. Barden and K. C. Howell 969

Eclipses by the Earth and by the Moon as Constraints on the AXAF Mission (AAS 98-170), Steven W. Evans 989

On-Orbit Engineering Tests of the AERCam Sprint Robotic Camera Vehicle (AAS 98-171), Trevor Williams and Sergei Tanygin 1001

Continuous Global Earth Coverage by Means of Multistationary Orbits (AAS 98-172), Marco M. Castronuovo, Antonello Bardone and Maurizio Di Ruscio 1021

The 1997.0 CNUCE Orbital Debris Reference Model (AAS 98-173), C. Pardini, L. Anselmo, A. Rossi, A. Cordelli and P. Farinella 1041

The Realities of Reentry Disposal (AAS 98-174), Russell P. Patera and William H. Ailor 1059


Effect of Nonlinearity on the Dynamics of Spinning Spacecraft Appendages With an Offset (AAS 98-175), A. K. Misra, M. J. Sadigh, G. Tyc and V. J. Modi 1075

Deployable Antenna Test Facility With Magnetically Suspended Sliders (MagSus Sliders) (AAS 98-177), Yasushi Horiuchi, Toshio Sugimoto, Hiroaki Tsunoda and Yoichi Kawakami 1095

Study of Sensor Redundancy and Effect of Accelerometer for Flexible Expendable Launch Vehicles (ELV) (AAS 98-179), Zhaozhi Tan and Peter M. Bainum 1105

Stability and Coupling Characteristics of Flight Vehicle Consider With Elastic Freedom (AAS 98-181), Tang, Shuo and Li, Xiaolong 1119


Planning A Faster, Cheaper Asteroid Mission (AAS 98-182), Alan S. Hope 1129

Asteroid Selection and Mission Design for Spacedev’s Near-Earth Asteroid Prospector (AAS 98-183), Christopher R. Cassell, Alan M. Schneider, Russell Gulman, Regis Lee and Ethan Estey 1141

Mission Design and Navigation of NEAR’s Encounter With Asteroid 253 Mathilde (AAS 98-184), D. J. Scheeres, D. W. Dunham, R. W. Farquhar, C. E. Helfrich, J. V. McAdams, W. M. Owen, Jr., S. P. Synnott, B. G. Williams, P. J. Wolff and D. K. Yeomans 1157

Autonomous Controlled Landing on Cometary Bodies (AAS 98-185), Simon Dawson, Curtis W. Potterveld, Hans Königsmann and Leo Early 1175

Gravitational Effects of Earth in Optimizing Delta-V for Deflecting Earth-Crossing Asteroids (AAS 98-186), Sang-Young Park and I. Michael Ross 1195

Mission Design for the Deep Space 4/Champollion Comet Sample Return Mission (AAS 98-187), Grace H. Tan-Wang and Jon A. Sims 1205


Modeling Catastrophic Decay Orbits Through Perigee (AAS 98-189), Jack D. Fischer, Paul J. Cefola and Ronald J. Proulx 1215

Estimating Atmosphere Density Variations to Improve LEO Orbit Prediction Accuracy (AAS 98-190), Andrey I. Nazarenko, Paul J. Cefola and Vasiliy Yurasov 1235

Determination and Prediction of Orbits With Due Account of Disturbances as a «Color» Noise (AAS 98-191), Andrey I. Nazarenko 1265

Simultaneous Orbit Determination of Large Satellite Constellations (AAS 98-192), Mark T. Soyka, Jay W. Middour and Jacques Fein 1275

Orbit Determination Performance Evaluation of the Deep Space 1 Autonomous Navigation System (AAS 98-193), S. Bhaskaran, S. D. Desai, P. J. Dumont, B. M. Kennedy, G. W. Null, W. M. Owen, Jr., J. E. Riedel, S. P. Synnott and R. A. Werner 1295


Results of STS-80 Relative GPS Navigation Flight Experiment (AAS 98-194), E. Schiesser, J. P. Brazzel, Jr., J. R. Carpenter and H. D. Hinkel 1317

LEO Orbit Determination With Differential GPS (AAS 98-195), Peter J. Melvin 1335

Satellite to Satellite Relative Navigation Using GPS Signal Simulators (AAS 98-196), Patrick W. Binning 1355

Precise Orbit Determination for the MOMS/Priroda Camera Experiment Based on DGPS Carrier-Phase and Pseudo-Range Measurements (AAS 98-197), Dirk C. Kuijper 1369

Control of Space Station and its Adjoint Orbiter Using Relative DGPS (AAS 98-198), Jianping Yuan, Jianjun Luo, Xiaomu Dou and Zhongyuan Tian 1383

GPS Attitude Determination by Kalman Filtering: Simulation of Multipath Rejection (AAS 98-199), F. Bernelli-Zazzera, R. Campana, F. Gottifredi and L. Marradi 1391


Optimal Low-Thrust Trajectories Using Flyby (AAS 98-200), Lorenzo Casalino, Guido Colasurdo and Dario Pastrone 1409

Navigation Considerations for Low-Thrust Planetary Missions (AAS 98-201), P. J. Wolff, F. Pinto, B. G. Williams and R. M. Vaughan 1425

Optimal Interplanetary Spacecraft Trajectories Via a Pareto Genetic Algorithm (AAS 98-202), John W. Hartmann, Victoria L. Coverstone-Carroll and Steven N. Williams 1439

Simple Control Laws for Low-Thrust Orbit Transfers (AAS 98-203), Craig A. Kluever 1455

Flywheel Energy Storage Applied to Solar Electric Propulsion (AAS 98-204), Mark W. Marasch and Christopher D. Hall 1469

Optimal Low-Thrust Transfers to Halo Orbits About the L2 Libration Point in the Earth-Moon System (Elliptical Problem) (AAS 98-205), Thomas F. Starchville, Jr. and Robert G. Melton 1489


Optimal Best-Fitting of Numerical Data (AAS 98-206), Daniele Mortari 1509

Compression Ephemerides in Attitude Dynamics (AAS 98-207), R. Barrio, A. Elipe and M. Vallejo 1519

Improved Chebyshev Methods for the Numerical Integration of First-Order Differential Equations (AAS 98-208), D. L. Richardson, D. Schmidt and J. Mitchell 1533

A New Methodology for Simulation Validation and Model Modification (AAS 98-209), Li, Xiaolong, Tang, Shuo and Guan, Xiaodong 1545

Trajectory Propagation Using High-Order Numerical Integrators (AAS 98-210), Gim J. Der 1555

Error Covariance Matrix Propagation Over Very Short Time Spans (AAS 98-211), Gim J. Der 1567


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