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NASA Mission Reports - Collector's Edition

Univelt Inc. Publishers
books on Mars and Space Exploration
We publish for the AAS (American Astronautical Society)

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  Guidance & Control 2007  and many more.....
    Spaceflight Mechanics 2007,History of Rocketry & Astronautics Vol. 28,  Dynamic Analysis of Space Tether Missions, AAS Vol. 126,   Space Debris & Space Traffic Management 2005, S&T v112,   Mars Analog Research, S&T v111,  and many more.

Apogee Books: Kids to Space, ISSCapades, Spaceships, A Reference Guide to the International Space Station, Project Constellation Pocket Guide, Space Shuttle Fact Archive Pocket Guide, Sex in Space, Apollo Project: Exploring the Moon Pocket Guidem The NASA Mission Reports - Collector's Edition,  On To Mars 2, Apollo 11: First Men on the Moon,  Saturn, Reflections From Earth Orbit, Space Cowboys, Atlas, Deep Space, Virtual LM, Dyna-SoarSpace Trivia, Moon Rush , Columbia Accident Report, How NASA Learned to Fly In Space, The Simple Universe, Space Tourism, Interstellar Travel & others
Robert A. Goehlich Books: Spaceships, 
A Representative Program Model for Developing S-P-A-C-E  TOURISM  and  S-P-A-C-E TOURISM: Economic & Technical Evaluation of Suborbital S-P-A-C-E Flight for Tourism
NASA Out of Print Books:  NASA's Nuclear Frontier, Realizing the Dream of Flight, Rockets & People, Risk & Exploration, Project Apollo,  Exploring The Unknown: vol. 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, NASA Historical Data Book: v4, v5 & v6, Uplink-Downlink, Computers Take Flight, Visualization Techniques In Space & Atmospheric Sciences, Space Resources, The Birth of NASA, Wallops Station, Way Station to Space and many others

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please visit all members of Staigerland We publish books and proceedings/papers for the American Astronautical Society about Mars Exploration, Space Travel, Planetary Missions, JPL, Mission Control, NASA, Astronomy, Astronautics,  Science, Astrophysics, Spaceflight Dynamics, the History of space research, manned missions, planetary studies, satellite technologies, man-machine interaction, effects of cosmic radiation, colonization, rocketry & rockets, shuttles and space stations, interstellar probes, and much more. We also publish proceedings of the Mars society. It's a big universe, someone's got to document it.
last updated:October 21, 2007

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Our Mission

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Univelt, Incorporated - A publishing company whose primary function is to
Publish all American Astronautical Society books and conference proceedings.

In addition to our primary function we also:

 Publish a few selected books with our own Univelt, Incorporated Imprint:
Publish all American Astronautical Society books and conference proceedings.
(a) Primarily, books dealing with astronautics/space flight
               (b) Secondarily, books on Pet Care: General First Aid for Dogs (two  titles only).
We have also published a few other titles.

Distribute and/or publish books on astronautics/space flight for a few other
organizations, including the National Space Society's International
Space Development Conference (ISDC) Proceedings and the U.S. Space Foundations's National
Space Symposium Proceedings Reports.

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