THE CASE FOR MARS III, Strategies for Exploration, Volumes 74 & 75
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Science and Technology Series, Ed. C.R. Stoker, 1989

Volume 74,
General Interest and Overview, 744p

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Volume 75, Technical, 646p
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These volumes provide a blueprint for manned missions to Mars and a continued presence on the planet’s surface, including what technology is required, and what kinds of precursor missions and experiments are required for this undertaking.

Volumes 74 & 75 are based on material derived from the third Case for Mars conference, “Strategies for Exploration”, held July 18-22, 1987 in Boulder, Colorado. Volume 74 includes general interest and overview papers on (1) making the political case for Mars, (2) considerations for sending humans to Mars, (3) technical considerations for getting to Mars, and (4) living on Mars. Volume 75 consists of technical papers on (1) political and social issues, (2) issues for sending humans to Mars, (3) technical issues for getting to Mars, (4) living on Mars, and (5) workshop summaries.

Volume 74, AAS Science and Technology Series General Interest and Overview


FOREWORD, Carol R. Stoker vii 

  • A Strategy for Mars:  The Case for Mars III -- Keynote Address, (AAS 87-175), James C. Fletcher 3 
  • The Case for Mars III -- Opening Remarks (AAS 87-176), Buzz Aldrin 13 
  • Decisions on Space Initiatives (AAS 87-177), Radford Byerly, Jr. 19 
  • Making Decisions on Major Space Initiatives (AAS 87-178), Peter B. Perkins, Jr. 27 
  • Strategic Communications Planning and The Case for Mars (AAS 87-179), Frank White 35 
  • How Space Enthusiasts View Mars Exploration (AAS 87-180), Robert L. Staehle 43 
  • The Case Against Mars (AAS 87-181), Gregg Easterbrook 49 
  • A Mandate for Space Education (AAS 87-182), Jesco von Puttkamer 57 
  • Mars Base Design Projects at the University of Wisconsin (AAS 87-183), Ronald E. Thomson 73 
  • Financing a Mars Program (AAS 87-184), Chandler C. Smith 83 
  • Let's go to Mars - With our Friends and Allies (AAS 87-185), Michael A.G. Michaud 109 
  • Policy Options for International Mars Exploration (AAS 87-186), Nathan C. Goldman 123 
  • Technology Transfer Aspects of Going to Mars (AAS 87-187), Brenda Forman 129 
  • Life Support System Considerations and Characteristics for a Manned Mars Mission (AAS 87-188), Ferolyn T. Powell 135 
  • An Overview of Selected Biomedical Aspects of Mars Missions (AAS 87-189), John Billingham 157 
  • Artificial Gravity for Long Duration Spaceflight (AAS 87-190), Malcolm M. Cohen 171 
  • Habitability During Long-Duration Space Missions:  Key Issues Associated With a Mission to Mars (AAS 87-191), Jack Stuster 181 
  • Crew Selection for a Mars Explorer Mission (AAS 87-192), Benton C. Clark 193 
  • Human Aspects of Mission Safety (AAS 87-193), Mary M. Connors 205 
  • Antarctica as a Model for the Human Exploration of Mars (AAS 87-194), Lawrence A. Palinkas  215 
  • Mars Rover Sample Return Mission Study (AAS 87-195), Roger D. Bourke 231 
  • An Aeronomy Mission to Investigate the Entry and Orbiter Environment of Mars (AAS 87-196), Larry H. Brace 245 
  • Planetary Protection and Back Contamination Control for a Mars Rover Sample Return Mission (AAS 87-197), John D. Rummel 259 
  • Scientific Objectives of Human Exploration of Mars (AAS 87-198), Michael H. Carr 267 
  • The Role of Climate Studies in the Future Exploration of Mars (AAS 87-199), Richard W. Zurek and Daniel J. McClease 277 
  • Life Sciences Interests in Mars Missions (AAS 87-200), John D. Rummel and Lynn D. Griffiths 287 
  • Manned Mars Systems Study (AAS 87-201), Benton C. Clark 297 
  • Piloted Sprint Missions to Mars (AAS 87-202), John C. Niehoff and Stephen J. Hoffman 309 
  • A Manned Mars Artificial Gravity Vehicle (AAS 87-203), David N. Schultz, Charles C. Rupp, Gregory A. Hajos and John M. Butler, Jr. 325 
  • Mars 1999:  A Concept for Low Cost Near-Term Human Exploration and Propellant Processing on Phobos and Deimos (AAS 87-204), Brian O'Leary 353 
  • Earth Orbital Preparations for Mars Expeditions (AAS 87-205), Robert L. Staehle 373 
  • Technology for Manned Mars Flight (AAS 87-206), Barney B. Roberts 399 
  • Mars Landing and Launch Requirements and a Possible Approach (AAS 87-207), James R. French 413 
  • Heavy Lift Vehicles for Transportation to a Low Earth Orbit Space Station for Assembly of a Humans to Mars Mission (AAS 87-208), Frank E. Swalley 421 
  • Propulsion System Considerations/Approach for Fast Transfer to Mars (AAS 87-209), Paul A. Harris and Frank J. Perry 433 
  • Nuclear Propulsion - A Vital Technology for the Exploration of Mars and the Planets Beyond (AAS 87-210), Stanley K. Borowski 451 
  • Antiproton-Based Propulsion Concepts and the Potential Impact on a Manned Mars Mission (AAS 87-211), Steven D. Howe and John D. Metzger 495 
  • Applications of In-Situ Carbon Monoxide Oxygen Propellent Production at Mars (AAS 87-212), W. Mitchell Clapp and Michael P. Scardera 513 
  • Duricrete and Composites Construction on Mars (AAS 87-213), Robert C. Boyd, Patrick S. Thompson and Benton C. Clark 539 
  • The Hydrogen Peroxide Economy on Mars (AAS 87-214), Benton C. Clark and Donald R. Pettit 551 
  • Mars Soil - A Sterile Regolith or a Medium for Plant Growth? (AAS 87-215), Amos Banin 559 
  • Building Mars Habitats Using Local Materials (AAS 87-216), Bruce A. Mackenzie 575 
  • The Use of Inflatable Habitation on the Moon and Mars (AAS 87-217), Michael Roberts 587 
  • Fire Protection for a Martian Colony (AAS 87-218), Robert M. Beattie, Jr. 595 
  • Tool and Equipment Requirements for Human Habitation of Mars (AAS 87-219), Michael G. Thornton 607 
  • An Overview of Mars Surface Mobility Justification and Options (AAS 87-220), James R. French 619 
  • Balloon-Borne Characterization of the Martian Surface and Lower Atmosphere (AAS 87-221), R.J. LeVesque, G.E. WIlliams and F.J. Redd 633 
  • Mars Global Exploration Vehicle (AAS 87-222), J. Mark McCann, Mark J. Snaufer and Robert J. Svenson 647 
  • Power Considerations for an Early Manned Mars Mission Utilizing the Space Station (AAS 87-223), Martin E. Valgora 667 
  • The SP-100 Space Reactor as a Power Source for Mars Exploration Missions (AAS 87-224), Lon Isenberg and Jack A. Heller 681 
  • Laser Power Transmission Concepts for Martian Applications (AAS 87-225), R.J. DeYoung, E.J. Conway, W.E. Meador and D.H. Humes 697 
  • Publications of the American Astronautical Society 710 
  • Science and Technology Series (1964- ) 711 
  • Numerical Index 717 
  • Author Index 724 
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Volume 75, AAS Science and Technology Series - Technical
  • Page 
  • FOREWORD, Carol Stoker vii 
Chapter 1:  Social Perspectives
  • The Social Implications of Manned Missions to Mars:  A Beginning Framework for Analysis (AAS 87-226), Jefferson S. Hofgard 3 
  • NASA'S Goals and Long Range Plan (AAS 87-227), Philip E. Culbertson 7 
Chapter 2:  Mars - Strategies for Education 11 
  • Mars is Ours:  Strategies for a Manned Mission to Mars (AAS 87-228), Tiina O'Neil, Daniel Thurs, Michael Narlock, Shawn Laatsch 13 
  • Manned Mars Mission Student Designs at the University of Texas at Austin (AAS 87-229), Curt Bilby, George Botbyl, Wallace Fowler 29 
Chapter 3:  Economic Issues 43 
  • The Development of Space:  The Economic Case for Mars (AAS 87-230), Dana Richard Rotegard 45 
  • The Economics of a Manned Mars Mission (AAS 87-231), Raymond S. Leonard, James D. Blacic, David T. Vaniman 59 
Chapter 4:  Issues for Sending Humans to Mars 85 
  • The Case for Cellulose Production on Mars (AAS 87-232), Tyler Volk, John D. Rummel 87 
  • Space Station Accommodation of Life Sciences in Support of a Manned Mars Mission (AAS 87-233), Barry D. Meredith, Kelli F. Willshire, Jane A. Hagaman, Rhea M. Seddon 95 
  • A Diagnostic and Environmental Monitoring System (DEMS) Concept to Support Manned Mars in-Flight and Surface Operations (AAS 87-234), Corinne M. Buoni, Mark S. Kotur, Dr. Larry S. Miller, Benjamin Bartilson 107 
  • A Zero-G CELSS/Recreation Facility for an Earth/Mars Crew Shuttle (AAS 87-235), Alice Eichold 129 
Chapter 5:  Biomedical Factors 139 
  • Exercise Strategies and Assessment of Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Space (AAS 87-236), George D. Swanson 141 
  • Work on Human Adaptation to Long-Term Space Flight in the UK (AAS 87-237), P. A. Hansson 151 
  • Astronaut Interdisciplinary and Medical/Dental Training for Manned Mars Missions (AAS 87-238), Harold E. Filbert, Donald J. Kleier 161 
  • Automation of Fitness Management for Extended Space Missions (AAS 87-239), Ted D. Wade, Philip G. Smaldone, Richard G. May 171 
Chapter 6:  Human Factors 189 
  • Individual Differences, Mission Parameters, and Spaceflight Environment Habitability (AAS 87-240), Albert A. Harrison, Nancy J. Struthers, Bernard J. Putz 191 
  • Anthropologists as Culture Designers for Offworld Colonies (AAS 87-241), James J. Funaro 201 
  • Considerations for the Living Areas within Space Settlements (AAS 87-242), Joel Hagen 217 

Chapter 7:  Precursor Missions 225 

  • Mars Rover/Sample Return Mission Definition (AAS 87-243), Alan L. Friedlander 227 
  • Mars Rover Options (AAS 87-244), Donna Shirley Pivirotto, Donald Bickler 235 
  • Energy Storage Considerations for a Robotic Mars Surface Sampler (AAS 87-245), Patricia M. O'Donnell, Robert L. Cataldo, Olga D. Gonzalez-Sanabria 245 
Chapter 8:  Scientific Goals of Mars Exploration 253 
  • The Equatorial Mars Observer:  A Proposal for a Near-Areo-Stationary Mars Orbiter (AAS 87-246), Edwin L. Strickland III 255 
  • Trace Gases in the Atmosphere of Mars:  An Indicator of Microbial Life (AAS 87-247), Joel S. Levine, Curtis P. Rinsland, William L. Chameides, Penelope J. Boston, Wesley R. Cofer III, Peter Brimblecombe 277 
Chapter 9:  Mission Strategy   283 
  • Mars Mission Effects on Space Station Evolution (AAS 87-248), Barbara S. Askins, Stephen G. Cook 285 
  • Mars Mission and Program Analysis (AAS 87-249), Edward E. Montgomery, James C. Pearson, Jr. 293 
  • Mars Mission Profile Options and Opportunities (AAS 87-250), Archie C. Young 311 
  • Modeling and Simulation of Advanced Space Systems (AAS 87-251), Curt Bilby, Stewart Nozette 323 
  • Computer Support for Mars Missions (AAS 87-252), Ned Chapin 337 

Chapter 10:  Transportation Systems and Space Logistics 347 

  • The Advanced Launch System (ALS) (AAS 87-253), Charles H. Eldred 349 
  • Vehicle Condition Monitoring for a Human Mission to Mars:  Issues and Needs (AAS 87-254), Alan E. Tischer, Lisa A. McCauley 355 
  • NEP Freighter - A Point Design (AAS 87-255), Paul G. Phillips 373 
Chapter 11:  Advanced Propulsion 385 
  • High Performance Nuclear Propulsion (AAS 87-256), Ryan K. Haaland, G. Allen Beale, Andrew S. Martin 387 
  • Laser Propulsion and Possible Missions to Mars (AAS 87-257), Jordin T. Kare 397 
  • Fast Missions to Mars (AAS 87-258), Michael Pelizzari 407 
  • Applicability of Plasma Wakefield Acceleration to Electric Propulsion (AAS 87-259), William Peter, Rhon Keinigs 423 
  • Nuclear-Electric Propulsion:  Manned Mars Propulsion Options (AAS 87-260), Bryan Palaszewski, John Brophy, David King 431 
Chapter 12:  Mars Resource Utilization   453 
  • Manned Mars Missions and Extraterrestrial Resource Engineering Test and Evaluation (AAS 87-261), Stewart W. Johnson, Raymond S. Leonard 455 
  • A Get Started Approach for Resource Processing (AAS 87-262), Bob Giudici 469 
  • Design of a Mars Oxygen Processor (AAS 87-263), Robert L. Ash, Joseph A. Werne, Merry Beth Haywood 479 
  • A Carbon Dioxide Powered Rocket for Use on Mars (AAS 87-264), Donald R. Pettit 489 
  • Nuclear Rockets Using Indigenous Martian Propellants (AAS 87-265), Robert M. Zubrin 495 
  • Feasibility of Using Solar Power on Mars:  Effects of Dust Storms on Incident Solar Radiation (AAS 87-266), Scott Geels, John B. Miller, Benton C. Clark 505 
Chapter 13:  Mars Base  517 
  • Using Robots to Support and Assist Human Explorers on the Surface of Mars (AAS 87-267), Ronald D. Jones 519 
  • An Evolutionary Communications Scenario for Mars Exploration (AAS 87-268), Steven M. Stevenson 527 
  • Metric Time for Mars (AAS 87-269), Bruce A. Mackenzie 539 
Chapter 14:  Mobility on Mars 545 
  • The Mars Airplane Revived  - Global Mars Surface Surveys (AAS 87-270), B. W. Augenstein 547 
  • Mars Manned Transportation Vehicle (AAS 87-271), Marla E. Perez-Davis, Karl A. Faymon 557 
  • The Mars Ball:  A Prototype Martian Rover (AAS 87-272), Daniel M. Janes 569 
  • Space Policy Marketing Workshop (AAS 87-273), Carol Stoker 577 
  • From the Classroom to Mars:  A Giant Leap for Students - Education Workshop (AAS 87-274), Carolyn Collins Petersen, Jesco von Puttkamer 581 
  • Workshop on International Cooperation (AAS 87-275), Michael A. G. Michaud 585 
  • Mission Strategy Workshop Summary (AAS 87-276), James R. French 589 
  • The Phobos/Deimos Mission Workshop:  A Summary (AAS 87-277), Bruce M. Cordell 601 
  • Applications of Military and SDI Technology to Mars (AAS 87-278), S. Pete Worden 605 
  • Advanced Propulsion Workshop Summary (AAS 87-279), Steven D. Howe 607 
Publications of the American Astronautical Society 612 
Science and Technology Series (1964- ) 613 


Numerical Index 619 
Author Index 626 
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