FROM IMAGINATION TO REALITY: Mars Exploration Studies of the
Journal of the 
British Interplanetary Society, Volumes 91 & 92
Science and Technology Series, A Collection of Articles on the Exploration of Mars (Republished from the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, 1989-1997, selected issues/articles), Ed. Robert M. Zubrin, 1997

Volume 91 (Part I), Precursors and Early Piloted Missions, 388p
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Volume 92 (Part II)
, Base Building, Colonization and Terraformation, 376p

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Volume 91 (Part I): Section I contains 11 articles on precursor missions, including concepts for in situ resource utilization on Mars, sample return missions, in situ propellant production, water vapor adsorption reactor, diborane/CO2 rockets for use in Mars ascent vehicles, pH measurements of the Martian surface, Mars subsurface radar mapper, utilization of Martian atmospheric constituents by temperature swing adsorption, and Athena: a possible first step in a program of human Mars exploration. Section II contains 11 articles on early piloted missions, including human aspects, a day in the life at a Mars base, an Antarctic research outpost as a model for planetary exploration, Mars Direct, exploration strategies and the astronaut’s toolset, heat transfer for an internal combustion engine on Mars, space suits and life support systems for Mars Exploration, practical methods for near-term human exploration of Mars, future habitability of Mars, and footsteps to Mars: an incremental approach to Mars exploration.

Volume 92 (Part II): Section I contains 11 articles on base building, including resources for human settlement, use of regolith resources on Mars, rocket propellants from Martian resources, wind energy resources, Martian resources in a CELSS, Mars Habitation 2057, long range mobility on Mars, design considerations for a Mars solar energy system, polar exploration of Mars, an interplanetary transportation system for delivering large groups of people to Mars, and utility of geothermal power on Mars. Section II contains 8 articles on colonization and terraforming, including economic aspects of Mars colonization, terraforming by use of explosive force, biological aspects of the ecopoeisis and terraformation of Mars, genetic modification and selection of microorganisms for growth on Mars, conceptual solutions to the problem of plant growth in low concentrations of oxygen, environmental ethics and planetary engineering, technological requirements for terraforming Mars and ozone and planetary habitability.